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FSJ Women Versatile Open Toe Mule Shoes Feminine Slingback Stiletto Sandals Size 4-15 US Black Patent 8ZGY6
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FSJ Women Versatile Open Toe Mule Shoes Feminine Slingback Stiletto Sandals Size 4-15 US Black Patent 8ZGY6 FSJ Women Versatile Open Toe Mule Shoes Feminine Slingback Stiletto Sandals Size 4-15 US Black Patent 8ZGY6 FSJ Women Versatile Open Toe Mule Shoes Feminine Slingback Stiletto Sandals Size 4-15 US Black Patent 8ZGY6


In the previous tutorials we have mainly concentrated on calculating global properties such as conductance and band structures. Often, however, insight can be gained from calculating locally-defined quantities, that is, quantities defined over individual sites or hoppings in your system. In the Closed systems tutorial we saw how we could visualize the density associated with the eigenstates of a system using kwant.plotter.map .

In this tutorial we will see how we can calculate more general quantities than simple densities by studying spin transport in a system with a magnetic texture.

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The complete source code of this example can be found in

Our starting point will be the following spinful tight-binding model on a square lattice:

H = i j α | i α j α | + J i α β m i σ α β | i α i β | ,

where latin indices run over sites, and greek indices run over spin. We can identify the first term as a nearest-neighbor hopping between like-spins, and the second as a term that couples spins on the same site. The second term acts like a magnetic field of strength J that varies from site to site and that, on site i , points in the direction of the unit vector m i . σ α β is a vector of Pauli matrices. We shall take the following form for m i :

Accelerating Innovation through Trustworthy Experimentation

ExP Experimentation Platform

Accelerating software innovation through trustworthy experimentation

The Experimentation Platform was a project headed by Ronny Kohavi from 2006. It went live in 2007 and the team was merged into Bing in 10/2010.Starting March 2014, the mission is back as part of the Artificial Intelligence and Research group:Ronny Kohavi is the General Managerfor the Analysis Experimentation team.

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Ron Kohavi and Stefan Thomke

In HBR Sept-Oct 2017

Today, Microsoft and several other leading companies—including Amazon, Booking.com, Facebook, and Google—each conduct more than 10,000 online controlled experiments annually, with many tests engaging millions of users...These organizations have discovered that an “experiment with everything” approach has surprisingly large payoffs. It has helped Bing, for instance, identify dozens of revenue-related changes to make each month—improvements that have collectively increased revenue per search by 10% to 25% each year. These enhancements, along with hundreds of other changes per month that increase user satisfaction, are the major reason that Bing is profitable and that its share of U.S. searches conducted on personal computers has risen to 23%, up from 8% in 2009, the year it was launched. At a time when the web is vital to almost all businesses, rigorous online experiments should be standard operating procedure. If a company develops the software infrastructure and organizational skills to conduct them, it will be able to assess not only ideas for websites but also potential business models, strategies, products, services, and marketing campaigns—all relatively inexpensively. Controlled experiments can transform decision making into a scientific, evidence-driven process—rather than an intuitive reaction. Without them, many breakthroughs might never happen, and many bad ideas would be implemented, only to fail, wasting resources.

Aisun Womens Stylish Strappy Lace Up High Heel Ankle Boots Platform Inside Zip Up Round Toe Booties With Zipper Apricot pbtDpAJ
( slides )Aleksander Fabijan, Pavel Dmitriev, HelenaHolmström Olsson, Jan Bosch.SEAA 2017

Online controlled experiments (for example A/B tests) are increasingly being performed to guide product development and accelerate innovation in online software product companies. The benefits of controlled experiments have been shown in many cases with incremental product improvement as the objective. In this paper, we demonstrate that the value of controlled experimentation at scale extends beyond this recognized scenario. Based on an exhaustive and collaborative case study in a large software-intensive company with highly developed experimentation culture, we inductively derive the benefits of controlled experimentation. The contribution of our paper is twofold. First, we present a comprehensive list of benefits and illustrate our findings with five case examples of controlled experiments conducted at Microsoft. Second, we provide guidance on how to achieve each of the benefits. With our work, we aim to provide practitioners in the online domain with knowledge on how to use controlled experimentation to maximize the benefits on the portfolio, product and team level.

Paul E. Pierson, PhD

dean emeritus and senior professor of History of Mission and Latin Studies, Fuller Theological Studies

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Reflections and Case Studies in Local Theology for the Whole Church

by: Rose Dowsett (Editor)

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is divided into two sections: the first, Reflections and Foundations, comprises nine essays of a more general nature; the second, Contextualization at Work, contains twenty one essays of a more specific nature, most of them case studies from a particular location and people group. The thirty-three contributors come from five continents, and a host of contexts. Some are veterans, some quite young, but every one of them is passionate about God’s mission, and about building bridges for the gospel in a way that is absolutely faithful to Scripture but also sensitive to specific contexts. North and South, East and West, demonstrate precious unity in Christ in our common calling. Contextualization is complex, and none of the authors claim to have got everything right. But their essays are thoughtful, and written out of love for God and love for his world. They tell the stories of trial and error, of struggles and triumphs, as each seeks to present Christ in terms that make sense and can be understood. It is following the process, quite as much as specific conclusions, which make this book valuable and transferable to many other parts of the global church. The essays also give us a peep into many different societies, and the birthing of faith in the grace of the Holy Spirit. Thus we give thanks to God for all that he is wonderfully doing around his world and stimulate our prayers for those who work cross-culturally, especially in pioneer situations. Not all contributors agree on every point, especially when it comes to the difficulties of mission in the Muslim world (and increasingly, amongst Hindus). There has been no attempt to standardize different approaches, letting a robust conversation develop. Each chapter ends with some suggested study questions, useful for personal reflection or group or class discussion. The book is deliberately accessible to lay people, but stimulating to career missionaries and academics. We pray that it may serve the purposes of God, for his glory.

This book was published in partnership with the World Evangelical Alliance.

Enjoy a colorful tapestry of contextualization theory and theological critique together with powerful real-life stories from many lands. Biblical contextualization--the Word to the world--is the core of this book. This is a book for everyone who is concerned about how to bring the Word to every culture and tongue faithfully, creatively, and relevantly.

Patrick Fung

General Director, OMF International, Singapore

Congratulations and thanks are due to Rosemary Dowsett and those who brought together this remarkable cast of contributors. This is a wonderfully comprehensive survey of how the seed of the eternal gospel takes root in all kinds of historical and cultural soils, bearing good fruit in the power of God's Spirit and for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. The book is truly global in its scope but local in its focus, and thoroughly biblical and theological in its foundations.

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