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The common feature of all these pardons is that none was issued following the ordinary DOJ and White House review processes created to avoid the actuality or appearance of presidential arbitrariness or favoritism. Likewise, none of them was accompanied by any principled explanation of why the defendant merited an exercise of clemency.

I have argued elsewhere that the Arpaio pardon is technically an impeachable offense (although I have never imagined that, standing alone, the Arpaio case would generate an article of impeachment). None of the other pardons discussed here, considered in isolation, reaches that level. Nor do we yet have a sufficient number of cases to prove an incontestable pattern of misuse of the pardon power for partisan purposes.

That said, when I teach evidence to law students, I sometimes use the following analogy to illustrate how lawyers go about satisfying the burden of proof necessary to win a lawsuit: Imagine, I tell the students, that the amount of evidence necessary to meet the burden of proof is a brick wall, about so long, and so wide, and so high. To be relevant — that is, helpful in the task of meeting the burden of proof — no single piece of evidence has to be the size of a complete wall. Each piece of relevant evidence is just a brick in that wall.

As a careful student of the Constitution’s impeachment clauses, I believe that a pattern of using the pardon power for partisan ends is an impeachable offense. Such a pattern is not yet established in Mr. Trump’s case. But the D’Souza pardon is a solid brick in an emerging wall of proof. If Mr. Trump persists on his current path of misusing the pardon authority for personal aggrandizement and political gain, the D’Souza affair could properly take its place among a bill of particulars in an entirely appropriate article of impeachment.

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31 Thursday May 2018

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Erik M. Jensen,Coleman P. Burke Professor Emeritus of Law of Case Western Reserve University, wrote a journal article published in the Elon Law Review titled the Aerosoles Womens Trend Setter Slipon Loafer Bronze Combo g8gO1
. That article examines the definition of emoluments, the history of the emoluments clause, and debate as to whether the clause applies to Trump and his businesses. He sums up the problem of the Trump Hotels as follows:

We asked her whether the industry will change whereby crowd-funding and indie films aren’t the only path for women to break into the industry, and she had an awesome response.

“I have this theory that speaks to me from my fashion days: ‘from the street to the runway’ meaning it is the indie film world which will eventually dictate how Hollywood is going to change. It is the indie film that will evolve Hollywood.”

“Right now there are no barriers for women in the indie film world. It is a great place to make our mark then grow it from there,”

When you talk to Scilla you can’t help but vibe her strong and passionate energy, even on the phone! We got into the topic of sexism in the industry and barriers and although it is something she has faced (such as the boardroom meetings mentioned above) she doesn’t let it stop her or make her feel less valuable.

“Since I travel so much for work men in the industry often ask me who looks after my children? I am sure they don’t get asked the same question,” she says with a laugh.

“Pre-conceived gender roles are all about checking a box, but that shouldn’t be how we identify ourselves.”

In the same breath, Scilla believes it is a very necessary conversation to have because it is an opportunity to show someone something new. She applies the same principles and challenges of women’s empowerment to filmmaking.

“Women aren’t compensated fairly in the workplace. It is the same with filmmakers I have dedicated the last 8 years of my life to changing this.”

“What we created with Indieflix has now, with the help of technology and filmmakers around the world, become an entirely new eco-system in the film industry. Filmmakers are empowered to be their own gatekeepers.”

Aside from the titles Indieflix acquires for the general library, they have the IndieFlix Distribution Lab where they create original content which fit in line with what the company is all about: making movies that can change the world.

Three standout titles right now are Finding Kind , American Flag Butterfly Casual Running Shoes Printed Unisex Antiskid Hiking Trainers For Youth White NfTWQselc2
, and Pastry Unisex Kids Fashion Sneakers GpEP0l
. Finding Kind is an anti-bullying documentary created by two girls Molly Thompson and Lauren Paul (married to ‘Breaking Bad’ actor Aaron Paul, who often uses his stage time to tell audiences about his wife’s non profit, Kind Campaign.) which tackles the issue of girl-on-girl bullying, featuring interviews from girls around the US sharing their stories.

For the past 4 years Molly and Lauren have been traveling around the United States speaking to school about bullying and screening their film Finding Kind. It has become a full time job for them, and they have also raised enough money (thanks to Aaron Paul’s promotion at the Breaking Bad finale live event in Hollywood in September 2013) to do a few tours where schools in lower socio-economic areas don’t have to pay.

The Empowerment Project, who we have been big supporters of since their Kickstarter campaign in 2013, are now embarking on a similar model to the Finding Kind team. Their film is aimed at women of all ages, and features a long list of trailblazing women from a range of different industries with the message that ordinary women can do extraordinary things and change the world.

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The University of Georgia


Rieber, L. P. (1996). Seriously considering play: Designing interactive learning environments based on the blending of microworlds, simulations, and games. Educational Technology Research Development , 44 (2), 43-58

Note : The following is a 'pre-publication version' not reflecting minor revisions made in the final manuscript published in ETRD. This web-based version should not be circulated. I do not publicize this web site and only use it privately for use in my teaching.

Abstract : Little attention has been given to the psychological and sociological value of play despite its many advantages to guiding the design of interactive multimedia learning environments for children and adults. This paper provides a brief overview of the history, research, and theory related to play. Research from education, psychology, and anthropology suggests that play is a powerful mediator for learning throughout a person's life. The time has come to couple the ever increasing processing capabilities of computers with the advantages of play. The design of hybrid interactive learning environments is suggested based on the constructivist concept of a microworld and supported with elements of both games and simulations.

The field of instructional technology has witnessed tremendous growth in research and development of interactive multimedia learning environments in recent years, especially computer-based environments (e.g. hypertext/hypermedia; examples include Blanchard Rottenberg, 1990; Jonassen, 1991a, 1992; Locatis, Letourneau Banvard, 1989; Marsh Kumar, 1992; Yoder, 1994). At the same time, there has been increased openness in the field to consider the influence of a constructivist philosophy of learning on instructional design decisions (Duffy Jonassen, 1992). Researchers and developers are struggling to find innovative ways to exploit the interactive potential of the learning environments afforded by computers while remaining consistent with psychological and philosophical beliefs about how people learn and the practicalities of learning in schools and the work place (Hannafin, 1992; Hannafin Rieber, 1989a, 1989b). Given the serious work and thought evident in these areas, it is somewhat surprising that one of the most fundamental and important concepts of human interaction has received so little attention by our field - play. Why this is so is unclear. Perhaps it is because the word "play" can invoke so many misconceptions. For example, play is traditionally viewed as applying only to young children. Play seems to be something you have to give up when you grow up (Provost, 1990). There is also a sense of risk attached to suggesting an adult is at play. Work is respectable, play is not. Another misconception is that play is easy. Quite the contrary, even as adults we tend to engage in unusually challenging and difficult activities when we play, such as sports, music, hobbies, and games like chess (though adults may balk at using the word "play" to describe these activities) (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990). Likewise, children's play is an engaging and deliberate activity in which they devote great effort and commitment. Another misconception is that the activity of play is irrelevant or inconsequential to either formal or informal learning. These misconceptions are all unfortunate because the extensive research on play with children and adults in anthropology, psychology, and education indicates that play is an important mediator for learning and socialization throughout life (Blanchard Cheska, 1985; Csikszentmihalyi, 1990; Provost, 1990; Yawkey Pellegrini, 1984). Given the range of open-ended explorable environments that can be constructed with computers, time has come to revisit the almost alarmingly simple, yet powerful construct of play and to legitimize play's role in the field of instructional technology. The purposes of this paper are to briefly review the theoretical and conceptual foundations of play and to explore its relevance in the design of interactive multimedia. The attributes of three well known learning environments (or strategies) consistent with play - microworlds, simulations, and games - will also be reviewed. A careful blending of their attributes offers promise in guiding the design of interactive learning environments where structure and motivation are optimized without subverting personal discovery, exploration, and ownership of knowledge. In other words, learning environments that encourage people to play.

Jun 29

Building Evidence: Changes to the IES Goal Structure for FY 2019

The IES Goal Structure was created to support a continuum of education research that divides the research process into stages for both theoretical and practical purposes. Individually, the five goals – Exploration (Goal 1), Development and Innovation (Goal 2), Efficacy and Replication (Goal 3), Effectiveness (Goal 4), and Measurement (Goal 5) – were intended to help focus the work of researchers, while collectively they were intended to cover the range of activities needed to build evidence-based solutions to the most pressing education problems in our nation.Implicit in the g

Jun 21

A Closer Look at Teacher Income

Full-time teachers in public school earned an average of $59,050 from all income sources in the 2015–16 school year. This income includes teachers’ base teaching salary, as well as additional sources of income from their schools or districts, jobs outside the school system, and summer activities. To capture the different ways that teachers can earn income, the 2015-16 National Teacher and Principal Survey asked teachers questions about how much they earned from various sources:

May 31

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In recent years, thousands of schools around the country have used technologies developed through the Small Business Innovation Research program at the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (ED/IES SBIR). The program emphasizes a rapid research and development (RD) process, with rigorous research informing iterative development and evaluating the promise of products for improving the intended outcomes. ED/IES SBIR also focuses on the commercialization after development is complete so that products can reach schools and be sustained over time.

May 31

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It’s important for schools to help ensure students are safe and healthy, both physically and mentally, so that learning can occur. In addition to implementing security measures on school campuses, there has been a growing focus on whether schools provide mental health services. In school year 2015–16, some 71 percent of public schools reported having diagnostic assessments for mental health disorders available to students, and 64 percent of schools reported having treatment available. [i]

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, Emotional, And Behavioral Influences On Learning

Learn more about what IES is doing across the Centers on these important topics.

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and Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Influences on Learning topic pages

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